Opera Mobile coming to Android, not quite the French Revolution.

Ok so how many of us use the Opera Mini web browser on our cell phones??

Hands up! I am one of them. Its so much faster and very accomodating to me in Africa with slow internet access.

Very exciting is the launch of Opera Mobile for Andriod, as well as support for extensions in the new desktop browser.

Thats great news if you have an android phone. I don’t but hey, I’m all for technology advancement that effect the normal person on the street. Opera says their mobile browser also includes two new features: hardware acceleration and pinch to zoom. So they are not toally ready yet: When asked about hardware acceleration on their desktop browser, von Tetzchner said that the feature is coming, but their policy on such thing is always “when it’s ready.”

So all this competition in a mobile world. How exciting. Its time like these that we see leaps forward in tech advancements. Who knows, maybe soon our phones will use facial recognition to know when not to phone the mother in-law, or when its time to phone your designated driver to take you home.

Applications are endless, and isn’t it wonderful that you can just be totally creative, and its not far fetched? Gone are the days when we were told when and how to do things.

So no French revolution in sight, maybe more on the lines of the Industrial Revolution. Although we live in the Information Technology Revloution. And yes, 5 or 6 year olds are able to parttake in the revolution without any guilt.

source: http://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/15828-Opera-Mobile-coming-Android-Opera-gets-extensions-Firefox.html


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