Zimbabwe’s internet expensive and slow. 300 times more expensive.

I understand why Zimbabwe has only just got ADSL. I am from Zimbabwe and understand the need for connectivity in a remote country.

The internet traffic is all international. So that means that ISPs have to pay for every hit a customer makes to foreign sites. In south africa we have many localy hosted websites, which costs almost nothing for the ISP.

Coupled with ‘Exorbitant electricity tariffs and local authority rates ‘

means that an ISP has to remain competitive, yet still offer a service. Profits are low.

Internet in Zimbabwe runs almost entirely on a satellite link. ‘ and running a link from Harare to New York costs about 300 times more than a link from New York to London’.

Another shocking fact is that ‘the ‘last mile’ link – which is the link between ISP and client but owned by IAPs, cost almost as much as the entire satellite internet link.’


ZOL Internet, reviewed on Biz-Community Africa


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