CLOUD COMPUTING – Internet-based applications and services

Cloud computing reminds me of flying on a magic carpet. It’s a ride into virtual world.

So, I’m in the process of trying to make sense of all the latest trends in technology, and maybe I’m a little behind, but then again I only got internet in my home a few years ago when 3G became cheaply available in South Africa. There is so much history involved in the creation of the internet and the web, starting from before man landed on the moon as reports:

“In the third week of July 2010 the world passed a significant broadband milestone, The world now has half a billion fixed broadband lines, with 1 million new lines added per week”

Broadband is faster internet access, like a wider highway or bigger hosepipe. Using this rapidly advanced global data communications system, we now have Cloud Computing.

In short, it is internet based applications and services, where using a simple web browser you are in another dimension of our technology based world. It’s hard to even understand the complex network if information sharing and storage. What impressed me first was that with access to the internet, you can access expensive programs that you normally had to install on your computer, such as Goggle Apps. As a home user, you can store your data up there too. No need to store everything physically on your computer. In 90s when I was at varsity, I would always email my university documents to myself without having a live updated version. At work, the same thing inlcuding all of your office resources from anywhere. Less need for servers which is handy when your office moves location, and saves power and IT personnel too. The list goes on and on about hardware and software.

Every major company is on-top of cloud technology, and created an ocean filled with applications and services around it.

Check out:

(Microsoft does not have a data centre of their own in South Africa)

Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS)

–       Exchange online

–       Sharepoint online

–       Office Communications online

–       Office live meeting

Finally here in Africa, due to the rapid accessibility to broadband, we are able to finally have cost savings across the board and access to world class products and services.

Some quotes:

“Cloud Computing,” to put it simply, means “Internet Computing.” The Internet is commonly visualized as clouds; hence the term “cloud computing” for computation done through the Internet. With Cloud Computing users can access database resources via the Internet from anywhere, for as long as they need, without worrying about any maintenance or management of actual resources. The best example of cloud computing is Google Apps where any application can be accessed using a browser and it can be deployed on thousands of computer through the Internet. [1]

Chief executive Larry Ellison of Oracle says “The whole idea of cloud computing is to have a pool of resources that is shared among lots of different applications inside your company,” he said.

Even if a business is not moving into the cloud yet, it is becoming increasingly important that the company considers the pros and cons of cloud computing, now.

Cloud computing – which encompasses both internal and external cloud environments – changes the IT game entirely. The current trend is away from investments in expensive hardware and software to manage the business, and towards services and infrastructure provided through the Web; services that can be scaled, added to or upgraded as and when the business needs it. [2]


In 2006, Amazon found that the new cloud architecture resulted in significant internal efficiency improvements whereby small, fast-moving “two-pizza teams” could add new features faster and easier, Amazon initiated a new product development effort to provide cloud computing to external customers and launched Amazon Web Service (AWS)on a utility computing basis in 2006.





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