Avaya reveals new Android-based tablet device and UC solution called Flare

September 16, 2010 — 10:32am ET | By Mike Dolan

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The iPad sure set the world of communication on fire for tablets. One of the first really relevant advancements (after Cisco’s Cius) to acknowledge the tablet idea as something that could fit into the unified communications (UC) world comes from Avaya. The company has revealed a new desktop touchscreen device as well as a user interface that links its Aura 6.0 systems to the technology.

Avaya announced this week a new group of real-time enterprise video communication tools and services with its spotlighted offering: the Avaya Flare Experience. An Android operating system based communication software that runs atop Avaya’s new Desktop Video Device–a video calling capable tablet–the Flare Experience leverages the UC features of Avaya Aura. Flare provides touch screen-based user interface for employees to communicate in any mode (text, voice, video), check messages, schedule meetings and appointments, and receive alerts or reminders. It offers instant messaging and video conference launching allowing users to jump in and out of calls for side conversations without interrupting their co-workers. The solution presents users with a virtual rolodex that links into users’ social networks attaching all relevant info–including presence information–to each of their contacts.

The Avaya Desktop Video Device was developed for the Avaya Flare Experience and features an 11.6″ HD touch screen with video and audio capabilities supported by a HD 720-pixel camera and HD-quality voice supported by built-in dual microphones. The device offers mobility via SIP and WiFi (with mentions of 3G/4G support as well) and even has USB ports for keyboards, hansets and thumbdrives.
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